Patient Information


Your surgeon will be able to confirm the expected cost of your operation.


You will receive three separate invoices for your procedure: one each from your surgeon, anaesthetist and Auckland City Surgical Services (ACSS).


Your ACSS account will be ready for you when you leave.

If you are paying for some or all of the costs, you will be expected to settle your ACSS account in full before you leave the day unit. We may also ask for a deposit when you are admitted.

We accept EFTPOS, credit card and cheques (daily limits apply on EFTPOS).

Health insurance

If your surgical stay is covered by insurance, you need prior approval and to bring documents confirming this on the day of surgery. If you have prior approval, you will be given an invoice to forward to your insurer.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact the team if you have any questions about to payment or other arrangements.

Your Privacy and Rights


Any information and personal data gathered for the purpose of your visit to Auckland City Surgical Services is to assist in your treatment, for quality assurance and to meet legislative requirements.

We will respect your rights as outlined in the Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act 1993, including your right to access and, if necessary, correct any information held about you.

Patient rights

ACSS is committed to providing high-quality care in accordance with the code of the Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights. A copy of these rights is available on request and is on display at the facility.

Learn more:  Your rights when receiving a health or disability service